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~ Dr. Aileen Marie, Pharm D

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I am in awe with Dr. Aileen Marie and this incredible healing device!  As an author, speaker, and radio show host,  I work very hard and often go into burnout.  With only 15 minutes of treatment with PEMF, my energy went back up to 100%!  She is definitely my go to person every time i feel run down because I know with the PEMF treatment I will instantly feel back in my power!


Pharm D, PSE Practitioner

PSE Practitioner uses a treatment method which combines Eastern energy medicine with modern science known as PsychoSomatic Energetics.

Thousands of PSE Practitioners have been using this energy treatment method in Europe and worldwide for over two decades and it was first introduced in North America over 15 years ago with great success.

According to PSE, subtle energy flows through the body and is the source of health, vitality and well-being. Illness is associated with emotional imbalance that becomes repressed into the subconscious and stored in the human subtle energy field as an emotional blockage. Unresolved, these deep unconscious emotional blocks lead to a reduced flow of energy that weakens the body and contributes to mental, physical and/or emotional disorders.

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PSE Energy Assessment is a non-invasive procedure with the RebaPad™that utilizes the arm-length muscle test to assess the energy centers in the body.  A thorough comprehensive session will include measuring the following:

1.  Auric field: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual 

2.  Acute conditions: nervousness, anxiousness, geopathic stress and the autonomic nervous system (ANS)

3.  Seven Chakra energy centers

4.  Emotional blockage 

5.  Organ testing

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What Is A PSE Energy Assessment?



When I started this treatment I really didn’t know what to expect. I know I was not feeling good, was tired of the constant anxiety and overthinking but could not figure out how to get it stop without resorting to prescription drugs. Seconds proceeding the first dose the overthinking stopped. The anxiety and stress disappeared and I felt a sudden burst of energy. As I continued the treatment, I slowly began to become more aware of myself and noticed myself handling situations differently and much better. This energy treatment is amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for change and evolution in their lives.


5 Things You Don't Know About Me

  1. At the pharmacy, they call me “Dr. Good Vibes” because I remind them to keep a positive mindset as well as I share with them all the new moon & full moon dates as well as mercury retrogrades!

  2. I love long beach walks and have resided near the ocean ever since I graduated pharmacy school which I could not imagine otherwise! 

  3. Myself, my daughter and our puppy all have names starting with an “A”: Aileen, Aleena and Angel.

  4. I am a big 80”s fan! Everything about the 80’s: the music, movies, fashion, station wagons…all so funny now in retrospect! 

  5. I firmly believe tolerance and mindfulness must be taught to all children and  adolescents in schools across the nations.

Dr. Aileen Marie, Pharm D


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