Are you ready to embark on the Energy Transformation Journey?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may qualify to join.


  • Are you feeling helpless, lacking hope, confidence and the strength to overcome any feelings of despair, fear, depression or anxiety?

  • Are you suffering from any physical ailments, such as, IBS, thyroid issues, acne, weight gain, hormone imbalance, and back pain to name a few, without getting any relief or control with conventional medicine?

  • Have you reached a point in your life where you have achieved success (career, family and/or financial) and feel something is still missing in life?  Do you lack joy and/or peace within yourself?

  • Are you full of negativity, especially when you are surrounded by family, friends or peers who make you feel powerless, worthless, disrespected and/or fearful?

  • Are you numbing yourself by turning to the excessive use of food, alcohol, smoking, sex, drugs, shopping and/or exercise to make yourself feel better?


At the end of the Energy Transformation Journey, you will be a NEW person aligned with your true soul essence.  You will not recognize the OLD  you and will experience the following:


  • A sense of clarity and purpose free from negativity, self-limiting beliefs and trauma.

  • Confidence, high self-esteem, joy, peace and best of all, unconditional love in all of your relationships, including the relationship with YOURSELF! You are surrounded by like-minded friends, family and community.

  • A glowing, natural beauty that emanates from inside you. You are making self-care on all 4 levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) a priority in your life.

  • Ability to manifest your dreams, apply discernment to life challenges, create strong boundaries and abide daily to your own unique core values.

  • True connection to your soul essence. Living your life with trust, freedom, gratitude and an open heart. Understanding life is a beautiful journey. All of our experiences and encounters are there to teach us a valuable lesson. There are no coincidences in life.

1 Year Membership Includes:

● Up to 5 energy treatments for emotional blockages with the Rebapad (via Zoom)

(Note: Each individual emotional block may take up to 2-3 months to heal completely ONLY if

the homeopathic remedies prescribed are taken daily as directed. Any missed dose may

prolong treatment.)

One re-testing session per energy treatment via Zoom to see how much of the emotional

blockage has been resolved.

(Recommended when 75% of the homeopathic remedies have been consumed)

Private Facebook Group for Emotional Healing Members Only. Members can share their experiences,

ask any questions about their treatment and make new friends with like-minded individuals on a

personal transformational journey.

● Twice monthly email communication with Dr. Aileen Marie for any questions about Emotional

Transformation Journey , Rebapad energy treatment and/or Rubimed homeopathic remedies.

● Surprise Gift Bag! (for each energy blockage detected)

Pay In Full Today And Receive A Free Gift!

(Monthly Payment Plan Available)

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