Does it feel like life keeps serving up endless ways to stress you out? Modern society does not promote the calm, centered state of mind we need to experience lasting peace and fulfillment, and record numbers of people are suffering from chronic stress and general anxiety. 

This program may be for you if you wish to:

1. Recognize and acknowledge what fear and/or stress is ruling your life so that you can begin to heal the subconscious wounds that may be responsible for them. 

2. Cultivate confidence and courage so that you can breakthrough the fear and/or stress affecting your life thus allowing you to achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being. 


3. Discover how to continue to heal past patterns so that you can leave your worries for the future and regrets about the past behind, so you can experience true peace and joy in each present moment. 


• 1 surprise bag

• 45 minute energy testing

• Remedies (4 vials included)*

• 3-month follow up visit

• one-15min PEMF treatment of choice.


*Additional remedies (if necessary) are $50 each. 

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