Are you feeling overwhelmed by negativity and conflict in your relationships, the world around you, or even within yourself?


This program may be for you if you wish to:

1. Recognize and acknowledge that you are in a toxic relationship (friends, family, work and/or significant other) so that you can begin to heal the subconscious wounds that may be attracting these toxic relationships.


2. Cultivate confidence and courage so that you can transform and/or let go of a toxic relationship.


3. Discover how to continue to heal past patterns so that you may begin attracting healthy relationships to create more joy, peace and love in your life.



• 1 surprise bag

• 45 minute energy testing

• Remedies (4 vials included)*

• 3-month follow up visit

• one-15min PEMF treatment of choice.


*Additional remedies (if necessary) are $50 each. 

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