Intentional Living vs. Living With The Tide

What does success look like to you? One of my favorite mentors, Robin Sharma, author of the best selling book, The 5AM Club, defines success as 'being in the process of creating a life that looks extraordinary to YOU'!

For the greater half of my life, I unknowingly committed a great crime to Self. I confess, I was guilty of self-betrayal. I lived a life on the expectations of my family, peers and those of society. Yes, I was living with the tide.

Today, I live with no expectations and no judgements. Living with the tide was very toxic. There were many limiting beliefs and emotional traumas I surpassed to finally (and gratefully!) realize I was not living MY own life.

I was a robot in survival mode vibrating low emotions of fear, anger, sadness and shame to name a few. I was also a big people pleaser, making sure everyone around me had their needs met. Big mistake.

I’m sure you have sat in your seat buckled up in an airplane and listened to the emergency protocol before take-off. The voice on the speaker says, please place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping anyone else. This is also true in life. We have to fill our own cup before we can help others.

Most of us show up everyday doing our best. The most important mindset to keep our souls expanding is to show up everyday with an open heart. To live with awareness, clarity and intention to evolve into your true Self.

We are all energy beings. If we take personal responsibility to do our personal inner work and connect with our authentic Self, we can slowly but surely cause a ripple effect in the world.

I have no regrets for how long it took me to come to this realization. The point being we all have to start somewhere. I eventually became aware, started making better decisions and manifested living the life I am intended to live.

Love and forgiveness were the fuel igniting my personal transformation. Today I am thriving and running my own race. I live with intention and create the life I desire and show up everyday as my true Self.

Did you know, it takes more energy to be someone who you are not when you live with the tide?

I would like to share with you the '4 Simple Tips To Becoming More Authentic'. These tips will serve as a reminder for you to show up every day as your true Self.

4 Tips To Becoming More Authentic:

1. Close the space between the person you present to the world and who you truly are.

2. Always speak your truth and be a clear communicator (includes listening!).

3. Create a list of your personal values and beliefs. Connect & live by them daily.

4. Take down your social mask. Show up everyday as the true you. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

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