Chavita 7


Chavita® 7 is the remedy for the seventh or crown chakra. This chakra is situated at the crown (top) of the head, is associated with the hypothalamus and the epiphysis and regulates neuroendocrine secretions, circadian rhythms and homeostasis. The energetic function is to impart structure, regulation and order to the entire system, including cyclical functions and the sleep-wake cycle.



• Aurum metallicum C 200

• Calcarea sulphurica C 200

• Lachesis mutus D 21

• Valeriana officinalis D 21

• Hypericum perforatum D 21

• Millefolium D 21

• Sus scrofa (cerebellum) D21


Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

• Alcohol


Dosage:  Take 12 drops two times a day or as directed by a health care practitioner.


50 ml drops

Chavita™ 7


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