Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE)

Below is an  image which  is a good  representation of  what an emotional  block is doing  to your body.  Depending how long you’ve  been carrying it  around with  you, the effects on  your whole being  (Vital,  Emotional,  Mental  and  Spiritual) can be small  to very large. By  determining  the energetic emotional  blocks with the  RebaPad™ device  and  breaking these  energetic emotional blocks  utilizing the  Rubimed™ remedies  the body begins  the process of  self-resolution.

Emotional blockage robbing energy from the physical body.

What Is A PSE Energy Assessment?

PSE Energy Assessment is a non-invasive procedure with the RebaPad™that utilizes the arm-length muscle test to assess the energy centers in the body.  A thorough comprehensive session will include measuring the following:

1.  Auric field: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual 

2.  Acute conditions: nervousness, anxiety, geopathic stress and the autonomic nervous system (ANS)

3.  Seven Chakra energy centers

4.  Emotional blockage 

5.  Organ testing

Upon completion, results will be reviewed and immediately emailed to client. Homeopathic remedies to overcome emotional block are selected and are to be taken as directed by Dr. Aileen Marie.

After 2-3 months taking the homeopathic remedies, a re-assessment will be performed to evaluate the emotional blockage. At this point, if the emotional blockage has been resolved, a new energy assessment may be performed. Usual time span to resolve all emotional blocks in the energy centers may be 1-2 years.


Energy treatment is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to overcome blocks, help you quiet your mind, calm your body and bring tranquility to your spirit. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually are stimulated. Homeostasis returns. 

Energy treatment is based on scientific principles. It is not connected to any religion or lack of religion. It has nothing to do with new age or new anything. As a matter of fact, energy healing is based on ancient principles that combine the science and spirit of healing at the deepest level of experience.

The RebaPad™ treats the following by applying Focused Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy for: 

  • Pain      

  • Wounds

  • Stress

  • Anti-Aging

  • Sleep

  • ANS Rebalance

  • Energy

  • Inflammation

The Rebapad™ by Ondamed

Decades of research has lead German physician, Dr. Reimar Banis, to develop the RebaPad™ which can be utilized in a clinical setting to identify the draining energetic influences and emotional blockages that are believed to be the cause of disease. The energetic results found with the Rebapad™ will detect the appropriate homeopathic Rubimed™ therapy necessary to resolve the depleting energetic influences.


The RebaPad™ is the device I utilize in combination with the applied kinesiology testing method to assist in determining: your current auric field energy, the active emotional blockage in the subconscious and the appropriate homeopathic Rubimed™ remedies for its resolution.


Advanced testing with the Rebapad™ includes: organ testing, allergy testing and character type testing. 

In addition to energy testing, the RebaPad™, a certified, FDA-approved medical device, is clinically used in the treatment of sleep disturbances, pain, inflammation, wound healing, stress/anxiety and concentration.

Focused PEMF stimulation emits a low frequency of focused pulses of electromagnetic fields (via Hertz waves), which created a localized stimulation of the body’s tissues and cells. This “jump-starts” cellular activity, leading to cellular repair and regeneration.

Focused PEMF:

  1.  Penetrate deep into the body and stimulates tissues

  2.  “Jump-Starts” cellular activity

  3.  Leads to cellular repair & regeneration

  4.  Safe, painless, non-invasive, cost-effective treatment

  5.  Provides significant therapeutic impact on patients.

  6.  Promotes relaxation

Experience the success of this family of natural remedies for emotional issues. Dr. Reimar Banis, German physician and researcher, brings a new understanding to the way of thinking about sickness and health with the revolutionary healing modality with the Rubimed™ remedies.  

Dr. Banis has taken centuries-old chakra and aura theories and put them into the modern day context of biophysics, homeopathy and psychology. This led to the establishment of Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) and the Rubimed™ remedies.


The Rubimed™ Remedies include:

Chavita 1-7, Emvita 1-28, Nurovita, An-X-vita, Simvita, Paravita and Geovita. Chavita


Chavita 1 - 7 correlate to the seven chakras in our energy field. The corresponding Emvita 1-28 is directly linked to a specific Chavita and will work on the active emotional blockage. Once the specific Chavita and Emvita are selected, they both must always be taken together for the treatment to be fully effective. Please note, only one emotional blockage will be treated at a time over a span of 1-3 months. The body will communicate which blockage needs the most attention, the most prominent blockage, and this is the one we will begin treating at the time of testing. Once the blockage is completely healed, after 1-3 months, only then can we test for the next emotional blockage if necessary. Full therapy has an average of 1-2 years.


While on the remedies, it is important to stay hydrated and get necessary rest. The only side effect which may or may not arise are vivid dreams. 

Chavita    •    Emvita    •    Acute 

Remedies Can ONLY Be Purchased Through An Energy Assessment With Dr. Aileen Marie.

(Kindly contact AMW if you would like to know more about the Homeopathic Remedies.)




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